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On Special NOW!

Business Directory Ads are currently available at a sharp discount. See our current Rate Sheet for details.


We offer four types of ad placements:


1. Business Directory Ads


Business ads can be placed on the Business Directory page. We have both text ads and display ads available.



2. Sales/Auction and Fundraiser Ads


There is no charge for including basic auction, garage sale, farmers market, and fund raiser information on the site. If you want to add a link to a website/PDF page with additional details about your sale or event, a $10 fee per link will apply.


Space for display ads is available on the left side of the Auctions & Sales page. The Business Directory Rate Sheet pricing applies. Annual ads are currently on sale.



3. Real Estate Ads


The Business Directory Rate Sheet pricing applies to display ads placed on the Real Estate page.



4. Community Ads


Non-profit organizations and government entities may place display ads on the Organizations and Government pages at low Community Ad prices. Contact us for information.





Ad Submission Process


    (1) Rate Sheet

    Download and review the current rate sheet:


    Business Directory Rate Sheet


    (2) Contact Sandi

    Call Sandi at 402-408-5851 or email Sandi to discuss your advertising options and determine the best ad type and size.


    (3) Mail Payment and Ad Information

    Print and complete the Ad Information form and mail it with your payment.


    (4) Receive Receipt
    You will receive a receipt for your records, which will include a copy of of your ad.


    Note: Preferred payment is by check or money order. Credit card payments are possible, but payment must be made online via PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this feature).