Pawnee City Online Community

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What's the purpose of the site?

The site was created as an online community for the Pawnee City area, to give current, past, and potential residents a place to gather online. For more on this topic, visit the About Us page.


How often is the site updated?

Some information is added directly by visitors (Classified Ads), so those pages are updated when you update them! Some items are submitted by visitors and added as info is received by the webmaster (such as Auction/Garage Sale information, Business Directory listings, Calendar items, Organization updates, and Real Estate entries. New articles are posted bi-weekly. Just for Fun! features are added as inspiration strikes. And the Resources page is updated at the whim of the webmaster!


Are there any fees for having information listed?

Here's the rundown:


* Auctions and Garage Sales - basic listings are free; there is a small fee for adding a a downloadable PDF with sale details.


* Business Directory - basic listings are free (name of business, address, phone number, and city). Fees are charged for additional information in the listing and/or display ads.


* Calendar - all entries are listed free of charge.


* Classified Ads - There is no charge for basic non-commercial ads. There is a fee for business ads.


* Forum - Participation is free.


* Government - Information is posted as a community service, with no fees.


* Just for Fun! - Participation is free.


* Organizations - There is no fee for text listings. There is a fee for display ads on the page.


* Real Estate - No fee is charged for basic text listings. Fees are charged for adding downloadable PDFs and/or photos, as well as display ads on the page.


* Resources - These are added at the discretion of the webmaster. No fees are charged, but a reciprocal link may be required.


How do I add something to the site?

Complete the Submission Form to submit information.