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Before You Leave~ End with Love

Author: Helen Dahlhauser


Written by a relationship therapist, Before You Leave is a gentle guide to, first, doing all you can to transform your connection and, if a breakup is inevitable, ending in the most positive, healthy way possible.


Dancing in My Nightgown ~ The Rhythms of Widowhood

Author: Betty Auchard


One woman's journey through widowhood, told with warmth, humor, and a touch of sassiness. The tales are not only entertaining, but inspiring. A joy to read!


The Mitford Years

Author: Jan Karon


An engaging and highly readable series of books about a small town Episcopal minister, the huge dog that adopts him, and the people who inhabit the quaint town of Mitford. You could find many of the cast of characters in any small rural community, so readers from the Pawnee City area will feel right at home. This is a page-turner that could find its way into your heart with the first chapter.




Aroma Housewares Super Pot with Grill Plate


If you'd like to grill year-round without ever leaving your kitchen, this is the appliance for you! No, you won't get the charcoal flavor of grilling over burning coals, but grills chicken, burgers, and fish to juicy perfection. You can also stir-fry or use it as a slow-cooker. If you're looking for a great gift, especially for weddings, you just found it.




Vtech Expandable Cordless Phone System


What could be better than finding a phone for a great price? Finding a phone for a great price that works great! If you already have call waiting through your phone company, this system is perfect. If you need a phone with an answering machine built in, Vtech has those, too. And if you need more than the two handheld units that come with this one, it's expandable.





If you need a shopping cart for your website, don't choose one before you check out E-Junkie. And don't let the name fool you...this is a serious shopping cart, with a superb feature set and terrific pricing.


Host Gator

The site is hosted with Host Gator. Why? Good customer service. High reliability. Low prices. Great value.


Go Daddy $7.49 .com Domain Sale!

If you own a business, but aren't quite ready for a website, claim your website domain anyway, and do it now...before someone else grabs it. And don't be fooled into paying $19 or more for your domains. GoDaddy offers great pricing and lots of add-ons.



Tired of wading through knee-deep spam in your email inbox to reach the important emails? Mailwasher is the answer. It helps you weed out spam before you even download it to your computer, which also blocks the viruses some spam emails carry. I've used MailWasher Pro for years and wouldn't be without it.




Nebraska's Travel Information Portal

Brought to you by the Nebraska Department of Roads, this handy site gives you information about road conditions, construction, and closures across the state. It's especially helpful during icy, snowy winters.


Pandora - The Music You Like

What a great idea! Pandora an online music player (similar to a radio) that allows you to select the songs (and type of music) you like. You can listen for free, as long as you don't mind seeing ads on the page and hearing a few audio ads. For a small annual fee, you can play music all year long with no ads and no interruptions.

The focus of this site is on city development and attracting business to the community. You'll find information about Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Pawnee City Development Corporation, along with several directories.

Tourism is the focus of this site, which includes information about the attractions and amenities to be found in Pawnee City.
Whether you're a history buff or have ancestors from Pawnee County, you'll find the information on this site both useful and entertaining. Also featured is the Pawnee City Historical Society Museum and the Irene LeSeur Genealogy Center.

Visitors to Pawnee County will find this site informative and helpful. It serves as an excellent guide to siteseeing, shopping, dining, and having fun in the Pawnee County area.